Ms Adams the Doctor Will See You Now

It was a bright and sunny glorious day; I was driving down the road, listening and singing along to “My” music (I’m the only one who seems to like it, but that’s another story) and boom the license plates started talking to me in a furious and fast way. You see my angels and guides talk to me via the letters and numbers on license plates. It started a long time ago and has increased in its intensity over the past 5 years. The more I listen/see and act, the louder and more precise their messages get. On that sunny day my guides were voraciously talking to me about my health and well-being. Numbers, Letters, Sayings were being thrown at me left and right. I even said out loud… Whoa Nelly you guys are crazy today. The plate that really got my attention was one that said “IM DOC”. I understood it to say Internal Medicine Doctor. My first fearful thought was AH OH I’m sick, but I quickly dismissed that thought. I will try now to describe the beautiful flow of consciousness that came from that drive. The understanding and knowing that was bestowed on me via that conversation with my guides.

The internal medicine doctor that I was being summoned to contact was not “Dr. Normal”, MD specializing in Internal Medicine. I was being urged to return to my Inner Doctor, the presence that resides within my heart space, the director of my truth and my health and well-being. I was being directed to my “Inner Shaman”. Within this space resides the magnificence of my being, the ancient wisdom and encoding of my perfection, the answer to all of my outer dis-ease. You see I have come to know that the outer is just an elaborate illusion, a sometimes ugly story created by the false self (parasite, ego). Even the pain, illness or discomfort that may permeate my earthly body is an illusion. I know, I know, that it does not feel like an illusion, but it is just another way to distract me from my true essence.

When I make a weekly or even better, daily appointment with my Inner Doctor I return to my perfection. When I release and turn my life over to the pure love that resides within this space, the fear and pain of this illusion begins to dissipate. Through the creation of a more conscious presence in my everyday life I heal my outer illusion. I do this through practices referred to as connecting to your Inner Shaman as taught by Jose Luis Stevens and other shamanic practitioners.

A few years back I was given the daunting message that I was to “heal the healer”. I did not understand what I was supposed to do, who I was supposed to heal and finally how was I supposed to heal them? On this day I saw that message in a new light. “IM DOC” also equaled I Am Doc. When I opened my Reconnective Healing practice I became the healer. I now know that it is within my capacity to heal myself and to facilitate healing for others. I have chosen to align myself and be trained in Reconnective Healing, energy healthcare that facilitates a re-connection to our innate ability to heal one’s self. Through the allowing of my Inner Doctor to teach me to heal myself, I can transcend the archetype of the wounded healer of alternative medicine or the god complex of traditional medicine. I can disassociate myself from those who fall prey to behaviors and teachings that are self-abusive and dis-empowering. I can truly have compassion for those who have been blinded by antiquated teachings that tell them that they are not enough or that they are not worthy. Self-healing is about personal accountability, it is about knowing, owning and allowing our inner healer to transcend, transmute and transform our self-limiting beliefs.

Have I struck a chord, are you wondering if this can be true? I know that my interactions with the Inner Healer have helped me to better perceive, receive, interpret and work with the synchronicities, symbols, dreams and signs that my guides give me. These interactions have lead me to other healers, to physicians, to natural remedies, to conversations and to nature which have all been beautifully healing. It is through this inner walk that I am on my evolutionary journey, my path to my totality. On this journey I have discovered our oneness, our connection to all things in creation. I am the Source of my wholeness. I am you and you are me.


As I was finishing the last touches on this piece I received a call from a loved one to tell me that her loved one had just been diagnosed with a metastasized cancer. My first egoic response was to feel like I could not proceed with this article. Wouldn’t it be disrespectful to those who are reeling with the prospects of this diagnosis? So I sat quietly and connected to my heart, to my Inner Knowing. The story remains true. This loved one is currently out of balance with his inner perfection. Something in his life has created the illusion of cancer. Even if I was to be diagnosed with a fatal condition tomorrow and then died of that condition it would still be an illusion. We are perfect; we are created in the image of our Source. In my transition that will be remembered as I join the beautifully balanced energy of oneness. To those who are hurting today, I send you love, I send you peace and I encompass you with the brilliant illuminating love of our creator. Remember who you are. Remember your connection to perfection. You are the incarnation of love and you are loved.